Cleanse Your Palette: The Bliss of Having a Neutral Wardrobe

I'm essentially in "spring cleaning" mode the majority of the year. Every few months, or even as frequently as with every new purchase (which is quite frequent), I sift through my wardrobe to *try* to downsize. I always have my end goal in mind: a beautiful, quality-driven, mindfully minimal wardrobe.

Let's focus on color: essentially, the fifty shades of gray.

Peek inside either of my two--not nearly large enough--closets and you will find nary a color more vibrant than sky blue. While some of you might think that sounds depressing... it simply speaks to my soul. Tones of black, white, gray, navy, olive and camel are what my minimalist dreams are made of.


There's real benefit, I believe, in having a neutral wardrobe. So, allow me to make my case:

  • A clothing collection laden with neutrals and interchangeable base colors makes putting together a matching outfit that much easier... Anything goes!
  • To that point, "less is more," as they say, so a wardrobe full of mix-and-match pieces makes for that many more outfit options (based on some mathematic principle--I hate math). You'll actually feel less frequently that "you literally have nothing to wear."
  • And without needing to worry about your colors clashing, you can get creative with cuts and textures. Mess around with layering, or make the incredible craftsmanship of an investment piece the focal point of your outfit... So, one can argue that a neutral wardrobe leads to the discovery of your personal style: it challenges you to be creative and try new things, all the while, knowing that whatever combination of clothes you throw on... you'll still match--and thus, look somewhat put together.
  • Further, on the notion of creativity, neutral wardrobes allow your accessories to take center stage. By nature, 'accessories' play a secondary role, but if you (like I) am investing in some beautiful pieces... let them have some stardom, too.
  •  Finally, it absolutely transforms your shopping habits. Take it from me, I'm no discriminatory shopper by any means (I'll take it all!), but having this focus on specific tones cuts down the amount of time I actually spend shopping--since I beeline for those colors on the racks or web pages--and makes for more mindful purchase decisions overall.

So, it's prime time to do a bit of Spring cleaning. I'm doing it myself! Sift through your closet and consider items you love, hate, or haven't worn in a full year. If you're trying to downsize, consider the neutral closet and remember quality over quantity.