Welcome to the Blog!

In true Type A-form, I researched fairly extensively how best to write a lifestyle blog, what the first post should be focused on, even how to construct the first sentence. And then, in true form of self, I decided to do my own thing regardless...

I'm Steph, founder of Orchard and Broome, and the brain, voice, and being behind this blog. Launching a lifestyle blog has been a long-term goal of mine. And yes--I know--I'm kind of late to the game (peak entrance into the blogging scene happened around 2007?). I assure you, though, this will be worth following. Here, on OB, I'm excited to share what I've gathered in terms of know-how for leading a beautifully balanced, thoughtfully approached and overwhelmingly fulfilling life.

 Photo by  Joanna Totolici

So, what are you really going to get out of this?

Well, Orchard and Broome, as a brand, embodies conscious living--that means being mindful of your choices and their subsequent effects, heeding quality over quantity in all respects--may it be in regards to clothing, food, health and wellness, what have you. There's this element of awareness, both for oneself and others or the world at large, that I actively practice. I hope to help you hone in on that, too.

In a nutshell, you'll find:

  • Style inspiration (and how to achieve it),
  • Product recommendations,
  • Health, wellness and nutrition intel,
  • Fitness tips, workout routines, yoga sequences,
  • Food and drink recommendations and recipes,
  • 'The Scene' in NYC: events and the like,
  • 'Behind the Brand' profiles of industry innovators,
  • Tips and tricks for a successful career, and
  • News as it pertains to the world of fashion and sustainability.

So, basically, all the things.


And while, at its core, Orchard and Broome works to promote brands that are doing good in the community, producing and operating sustainably... I strongly believe life is about balance. I strive to shop consciously, but my wardrobe isn't entirely sustainable. I aim to eat clean most of the time, but I crave something 'dirty' and delicious sometimes. I attempt to look put together (just put together, not even 'chic') every day, but I often end up in athleisure. I actively practice mindfulness and the philosophy of 'yoga', but I sometimes lose sight of those principles. Case in point: I'm human! You're human! Always keep that in mind.

Above all, this serves as an outlet and home-base for a community of like-minded individuals who collectively agree that 'you must be the change you wish to see in the world'. (Full disclosure, politics will not be discussed in any way, shape or form on this blog--there's more than enough of that in the news.) I mean, a better world begins with a better you: a more informed, a more connected, a more thoughtful, compassionate, cultured, healthy, active, nourished, evolved, passionate YOU.

Cheers to that.


I love music. So, for each post, I'll offer you an associated jam (you're welcome). Check it out!


Photos by Joanna Totolici