Why You Should Be Drinking Green Juice Regularly

A green juice a day keeps the doctor away...

That's how the saying should go. (And for the record, I once tried 'an apple a day' and got sick after a week.) But, as part of my normal diet, I try to incorporate a green juice every day. First off, know that a "cold-pressed juice" is any juice that is extracted by way of hydraulic press, rather than other methods (i.e. centrifugal or single auger). You can read more about the differences, here, but for all intents and purposes, let's focus on cold-pressed juices, as they're what most juice shops are offering these days, and also the method of juicing that allows for the most juice extraction (ounce per ounce) and highest retention of nutrients.

So, green juice gained widespread popularity in the wellness wave that washed over the country--and certainly NYC--in recent years. But, rather than reserving green juice as just a fad, there's sound reason to make cold-pressed consumption a regular thing:


1. Nutrition, naturally... Green juice is an easy and efficient way to ensure you're getting most, if not all, of the USDA-recommended daily doses of (raw) fruits and veggies. Oftentimes, you can consume all you need for the whole day in just one sitting.

2. As a valuable byproduct of proper nutrition, you get energy. Green juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced by plants that ward off pathogens). And when juicing vegetables, natural sugars are released from the pulp/fiber, which gives you a little boost of energy when entering the bloodstream and raising your glucose levels.

3. Again, cold-pressed juice, with all its vitamins and nutrients, supercharge your immune system with a concentrated supply of phytochemicals and biophotonic light energy. Basically, a green juice is like a multivitamin--it feeds your body's good bacteria, which suppress pathogenic bacteria. Case in point: immunity boosts.

Superficially speaking, green juice also just tastes better. Without pulp, it's not only easier to drink, but there are higher levels of natural sugar (but, don't be naive--a kale or broccoli-based juice is not going to taste like sugar water). That said, though, because it will give you a little energy boost, be mindful of when you choose to drink it!

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Lastly, and most importantly, there are tons of juice shops (in NYC, at least) to choose from. And some charge as much as $10-12 per juice. Personally, I'm a very loyal Pressed Juicery fan. I've not only loved every juice I've drank--though, I'm consistent with Greens 3 or 5 and Roots 2--but, they're the most reasonable I've come across, charging about $6.50/juice. And, as a member, you rack up points for free juices, discounts on cleanses, and more! Pressed also recently released their coolest (literally) cold-pressed juice project: Pressed Juicery Freeze--a vegan, gluten- and dairy-free fro-yo-like dessert made of green juice and almond milk.

All in all, whatever your cup of tea, get yo' green juice on.