Brand Crush: Larsson & Jennings

This is a newfound obsession of mine, as stated within the recent Father's Day gift guide (if you've not yet checked it out, do so!). Larsson & Jennings offers Swiss-made watches inspired by the cities of Stockholm and London, marrying art and precision with each piece. They locally source leather from Anglo-Swedish tanneries for their leather straps, and only use hand-finished materials for premium detailing and durability. The dials (which come in a range of finishes, from gloss enamel to sand-blasted) are made of fine sheets of brass, with each marker meticulously hand-placed before being enclosed in a .316L stainless steel casing and fitted with a custom crown. Each watch, backed by a 5-year warranty off-the-bat, has a crystal sapphire glass finish. Second only to diamond, crystal sapphire is one of the hardest and more durable materials on Earth. When I bought mine, I was told the face should really never crack--truly being able to "stand the test of time."