Third Time's a Charm... Right?

I hate Facebook. I call it a ‘necessary evil’. I only have an account to keep in touch with distant relatives or friends, or for work purposes.


But, today, for the first time, I appreciated Facebook for what it is: a social network and a platform for extending your voice.


I rarely, if ever, post a ‘status’. I read, yet disregard, the repost requests on many of those messages that circulate social media in hopes of growing awareness for a cause. But, for once, I did. A reminder to all that my home is a safe zone, and my shoulder is available to cry on—that it’s #ItsOkNotToBeOk in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. This hits home for me. More than most people in my life will ever know and understand. And after posting the status, I reviewed my wall…


Of course, in chronological order, there was that status I just posted, preceded by a post I was tagged in on mitigating the use of plastics, before a shared fundraising campaign for a dear friend recently diagnosed with cancer (another rare share for me, but makes sense, of course), before that, a beautiful animated short by Greenpeace on the harmful environmental effects of palm oil that literally made me cry, and before that… an article I wrote for Ecocult on branding sustainable products to sell to the mass consumer.


And now, here I am. On a day when I had been spending an uncharacteristically excessive amount of time on Instagram, rather than working diligently… I’m ceasing all activity to write this. Whatever ‘this’ is.


I’ve contemplated starting a blog for so long. It seems so silly in 2018 (nearly 2019), when I’ve clearly missed the mark and I have enough on my plate to last a lifetime. But, I’ve always believed I’d write a book—others have suggested it, too, ‘cause Lord knows my life seems like a script sometimes—but, that feels like a long and daunting task, especially in this day and age when bits and bytes resonate tenfold. I love books, don’t get me wrong, that’s certainly a goal, but this is where I begin.


Upon realizing the beauty and meaning of social networks, of Internet platforms, like blogs, or Facebook, or Instagram. They’re highlight reels for most, and blogs are informative, fun and functional. But what they used to be, what they initially served and were intended for, was community. You garnered a following because you had something of importance or interest to say. Something that didn’t necessarily follow a trend or look picture perfect in that instant.


My life’s beautiful, but also messy, complicated and non-picturesque most of the time. Heck – right now as I’m typing this, I’m sick as a dog and my nose is as red as Rudolph’s, but I have thoughts to share because I believe they’ll resonate. Because I truly believe my experiences, my perspective, and some of the wild ideas that run through my busy brain might be of interest or use to some people out there.


The way I write, as a result of pride or ignorance, is very much in trusting with my intuition. I don’t tend to copyedit. That’s kind of like life… if lived in the moment. Something that I’m constantly, unendingly attempting to do. So, here’s my attempt at letting my thoughts flow freely on any and all aspects of life, in hopes that you’ll find inspiration, insight, perspective, comfort, and beyond from any piece of my writings. Feel free, always, to let me know (below).


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