Welcome to the Blog (V2)!

Hi guys! I'm Steph, the founder of Orchard and Broome. And for three years, I've worked to reshape the way public relations is done and helped in developing a media presence for various ethical and sustainable brands. We’re kicking things off on the blog (on Earth Day!) with a Q&A, narrated by OB's own Lyndsey Gavin, so you can learn a little more about both me, and OB!

Photo by Joanna Totolici

Photo by Joanna Totolici


LG: Let's start from square one: what is Orchard and Broome?

SS: Orchard and Broome is the first and only public relations company that selectively represents ethical or sustainable brands. Beyond traditional PR, we really focusing on developing brands, as most we work with are startups, as it pertains to crafting their narratives for properly positioning and differentiating them in the market.

To learn how we do things differently, check out this article I wrote for Ecocult on How Traditional PR Doesn’t Work for Sustainable Brands.


LG: How did you get into PR?

SS: It started with an internship, which became a full-time position--which is how many careers in PR evolve. At that time, OB was a side gig as a wedding planning company. Initially, I was doing luxury-lifestyle media relations, managing and assisting with airline, caviar, wine, and fashion accounts--a bit different from what I’m doing now! What got me into the sustainability realm was representing the Natural Products Association, when I was forced to learn the lingo and understand the certifications. After leaving that firm, I was in a really fortuitous and unique position to convert the wedding planning company to PR. It took off from there!


LG: Why is working with ethical and sustainable brands particularly important to you?

SS: Truthfully, I represent these brands for a number of reasons, but mainly because their stories are so compelling, their drive is so inspiring, and their founders are so well-grounded. It certainly is not easy, as these brands with higher costs of production and lean means of operation don’t have deep wallets, but it’s so incredibly rewarding in ways beyond monetary gains.


LG: What are a few ways you live consciously daily?

SS: So, that’s the best way to put it, first off--living consciously. I don’t claim to live fully sustainably or solely purchase ethical fashion, organic foods, or sustainable products. I wholeheartedly believe in balance, in every sense of the means. Sustainability is, in my opinion, viewed on either ends of a spectrum: one side (let’s call it the left) categorizes sustainability in the realm of crunchy, granola, hippie, boho… whereas the flipside (the right extreme) views sustainability as untouchable, inaccessible, unattainable. I try to bridge the gap. I am mindful of my purchasing decisions, of my behavior and habits, even of my character and energy. So, as far as living consciously on the daily I practice mindfulness. That includes meditation daily, gratitude daily (starting our days naming 3 things we're thankful for), and being acutely aware of myself--generally and with respect to others.

Photos by Joanna Totolici

Photos by Joanna Totolici


LG: How do you make the world a better place, aside from... living in it?

SS: You're sweet. Well, I opt to solely represent sustainable lifestyle brands, in an effort to support and build conscious companies that do their part in making the world a better place. It’s one of the only ways in which I can most significantly make an impact in my line of work—aside from monetarily supporting causes.

LG: What are you like IRL?

SS: This is real life! But, I know what you mean:

  • I am Type Triple-A, admittedly, but very self-aware… I have an incredibly strong personality and I’m a Gemini to a T.
  • I live with my pup, Oliver, in Manhattan’s West Village. I’m a native New Yorker and grew up on Long Island, but have been in the city since college.
  • I am wildly obsessed with fitness and nutrition--and I’m a certified yoga instructor.
  • I am 100% Italian (not the kind that calls it gravy) e posso parlare un poco, perche amo la lingua. I love to travel, and have been to Italy, England, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic... I could be missing a few?
  • I love music, anything from Frank Sinatra to light house (except rap and country).
  • I love to cook! I mess around in the kitchen a lot, a lot--essentially anytime I’m not working or walking my dog, and oftentimes with a glass of wine in hand.


LG: Where is your very favo[u]rite place on Earth? (LG is Canadian ;))

SS: My happy place is Hudson River Park on the west side of Manhattan, and I’m so fortunate to live just two blocks away. Anytime I need headspace, weather-permitting, I’m there.


LG: What can we expect to find in following this blog?

SS: Truthfully, your guess is as good as mine to an extent. Much like the lifestyles of us ladies of OB, it’s going to be fast-paced, health-focused, and ever-changing. I’m rolling with the punches and going with whatever feels right. Of course, I’ll share insight and knowledge on general topics like: career/lifestyle, health and wellness, and more. But, it’ll be dynamic and a “safe space” for discussing a wide array of ideas, which is exciting!


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