so, you have some Questions?

We understand that, especially for new brands, employing outside help in brand building and communications can be daunting! Luckily, we know a thing-or-two about both. Read our founder's contributing articles on the topics below, or drop us a message anytime for more info:

4 Reasons why sustainable brands should beware of traditional pr firms

Call it the new wave or next generation of media relations, but there's a different way to do PR for ethical or sustainable brands.


why it's important not to confuse PR and marketing

Whether a small brand or blogger, understanding the difference between these two roles is important when strategizing about communications and how best to allocate your budget.

how much money does pr cost, and what do you get for that money?

What can you expect in return for contracting PR efforts? Any brand that's on a budget (most) needs to know...

The unexpected way your fast fashion wardrobe is sabotaging your career

As a perpetually *busy* startup founder, I'm constantly tasked with decision-making. Don't waste vital energy on your wardrobe, too.